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Manchin on political theater.

March 8, 2011

Congress has been engaged in “political theater,” Manchin will say in prepared remarks provided to POLITICO. “Why are we voting on partisan proposals that we know will fail, that we all know don’t balance our nation’s priorities with the need to get our fiscal house in order?”

via Freshman Democrat Joe Manchin: Obama has failed to lead on budget – Jennifer Epstein and Scott Wong –

Sen. Manchin hails from West Virginia, home to the prolifically destructive, health-endangering, and economically-extractive coal mining industry. Manchin is also one of 43 cosponsors of Sen. Inhofe’s “Energy Tax Prevention Act” (S. 482). The bill repudiates the Supreme Court’s holding in Massachusetts v. EPA by repealing the EPA’s endangerment finding for greenhouse gases and amending the Clean Air Act definition of “air pollution” to exclude greenhouse gases. It also seeks to repeal EPA’s authority to grant California’s waiver permitting the state to regulate tailpipe emissions of greenhouse gases for new motor vehicles.

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